Hello everyone! It’s great to be back on here and writing a blog this time, rather than our usual go to of our many adventures here in the UK. We wanted to introduce our new YouTube channel to the blog and ask if people who have/are following us will give us a chance to showcase you some walking tours of historic properties and castles that we have filmed and documented.

We have been unfortunate with this beginning part of the year and the last, with restrictions and with isolations, much like a lot of you out there so our content has to be put on hold for the meantime. But, we have so many plans and new adventures that we WILL be sharing with you and hoping that you will support and join us along the way!

Thank you to those who have read, commented and liked our posts it honestly gives us the greatest satisfaction and we hope that you will head across to our YouTube channel and support us there! in the forms of subscribing, likes and comments – we would love to make a community where we can discuss things and have a laugh along the way.

We have a brand new video going up this evening, which will be added along to our playlist below, we are aiming to share our adventures with you as soon as we can, so please keep your eyes peeled!

Until next time!