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Tolls and Vignettes

If you are looking at driving around Europe, be prepared and do your research for the added fees of Tolls & Vignettes.

There are hundreds of websites doing all the leg work for you, with regards to tolls and vignettes, these are a necessity to driving in Europe in many countries and they all differ. So… here is a handy list of websites that give you details about the vignettes and where you can purchase them from:


  • All roads are free of charge


  • Buy vignettes here for Austria
  • Motoring information for Austria with route planner –


  • Roads are free to roam but there are certain toll roads which require payment, read here to see a map of the toll roads and prices.


  • All roads are free of charge for 2016 with exceptions to tunnels – highwaymaps


  • It is best to buy Bulgarian vignettes from border crossings or
  • “Petrol, Lukoil, OMV, Shell” Petrol stations
  • Easypay offices
  • Piccadilly supermarkets

A list of the prices here


  • No vignette needed but tolls gates and roads apply, to see a list click here for the run down.


  • No vignette or toll needed. Free for cars – highwaymaps

Czech republic

  • Buy your vignette from local petrol stations or border crossings or online here


  • Roads are free to drive toll-free but Denmark has two toll bridges click here for the prices and how to purchase


  • All tolls are free of charge to cars, read more here for information about Estonia


  • There are no toll roads or toll bridges, just great scenery


  • France operates toll roads, please read here for information of all toll fees.
  • Handy information on tolls,speed limits and maps here


  • All roads are free for car users – read here for a list of motorway maps


  • Toll road fees apply, read here for more information


  • Compulsory vignette and toll roads apply in Hungary, see a list here
  • Buy your e-vignette easily online here
  • Information about where to purchase your Vignettes.


  • No vignettes but toll road fee applies, click here to find out more about Ireland


  • Toll charges apply in Italy, read more here for the up to date toll charges and motorway information.


  • Toll roads are free to drive but you do need to purchase a vignette, these are available either online here or on route to Latvia at: “Lukoil, Virsi-A and Statoil petrol stations.
  • Handy price information for vignettes here


  • Information on Tolls and compulsory vignettes are available here
  • Available at most local petrol stations like “Statoil, Baltic Petroleum, EMSI” and the border crossings.

Luxembourg & Malta

  • No toll or vignettes needed for Luxembourg or Malta


  • All roads are free of charge but there are 2 tunnels that have a fee for travelling. Read more here.
  • Take a look at an updated version of the tunnel fees here.


  • Norway charges for their toll roads, handy information on acquiring a AutoPASS here.
  • There are 2 different types of payments for a tag or without a tag, you can choose from having your vehicle photographed and to pay the invoice after your journey, which applies to foreign vehicles, or a visitor’s payment which prepays the tolls with your credit card and each time you pass a toll it is deducted from the prepayment, its worth noting that any unused toll money will be refunded.


  • Poland uses toll booths for payment instead of vignettes.
  • A list here of all the different charges on the motorways.
  • Some useful bits on Polish driving here.


  • Tolls apply in Portugal and there are 3 different types of toll fees:
  • 3 day vignette ( pre paid ) purchase here
  • A toll card – a pre paid toll card that gives you use for the motorways without manually paying tolls and only available for foreign license plates, read here for more information and to purchase one.
  • The EasyToll, you simply drive to the payment terminal and it will read your license plate number, pay using your bank card and you will be issued with a receipt which is valid for 30 days. Apparently it only takes certain bank cards so be warned that it may not accept the card, more information on the website here.


  • Compulsory vignette is required for Romania.
  • You can purchase an e-vignette here.
  • For the stickers you can purchase at local petrol pumps, border crossings and labelled points for vignettes.
  • Updated price list for 2020 for vignettes here.


  • You can purchase your e-vignette here.
  • For the stickers you can purchase at local petrol pumps, border crossings and labelled points for vignettes.


  • You can purchase your sticker vignette at local petrol pumps and crossings but there is also a handy map here with the different places you can purchase one on the road.


  • Spain is operated by some toll roads, see here for a list of updated prices.
  • Spain is mainly toll booths but you can purchase a VIA-T box which is once you have registered it to your card and car, you’ll be able to simply drive through the VIA-T lane without stopping and no need for payment. More details on the VIA-T box here.


  • No tolls roads or vignettes required for Sweden just a fee for the Oresund bridge, more details can be reached here.

United Kingdom

  • No vignette required but toll roads apply in certain city’s.
  • For the M6 read here for simple information on buying your toll before you leave
  • For the Eurotunnel, information on prices and tickets here.
  • Give the GOV.UK website a good read on the different motorway charges aswell as bridges, tunnels, a roads and other road charges i.e London Congestion.

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