Location : Farleigh Hungerford, Bath, Somerset, BA2 7RS

Around 10 miles away from the historical city of Bath, in the small but quaint village of Frome lies the well preserved Farleigh Hungerford Castle. This was first built in the 1370s and housed the Hungerford family. The house went through some renovations later in the 15th century when Sir Thomas Hungerford (who brought the house from a Norman family named the Montforts) had his son Sir Walter Hungerford add an outer court that closed off the parish church, which was then used as a Chapel.

During the civil war, the Hungerfords supported parliament and subsequently lost the castle to royalist forces until September 1645 and was then given back to the family. It indeed remained with the Hungerford family, but was sold off to repay gambling debts. The castle was ransacked for stone and that is why the ruin stands the way it does now.

The castle was under the Hungerford crest for over 300 years and as you walk around the site you will see some of the history behind what happened behind closed doors, some gruesome stories that allegedly happened and rare paintings and tombs. And as part of your ticket you will get an extensive audio tour whilst you walk the castle.

Something that is striking and incredible to see is the Chapel, where Sir Thomas chose to be buried. He lays in the chapel that he helped build that serves as the parish church. You can also see the tomb of Sir Edward III and his wife, Lady Margaret in the chapel.

There are several different interesting places to discover at the Hungerford castle, making it completely worth the fee to enter. We paid £6.30 each with gift aid, but genuinely for this castle and the amount of information they have i believe it is worth it. You are able to enter the chapel and go down in the crypt also as well as seeing some of the weapons and dining wear that has been salvaged. It is a lot more immersive than some of the other ruins we’ve been to.

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