Location : Mill Lane, Titchfield, Catisfield PO15 5RA

Our next stop was to another medieval ruin building. Built in the 13th century stands the charming Titchfield Abbey. Around the 16th century it was altered in to a grand mansion. The ruin is located in the village of Titchfield near the town of Fareham, Hampshire.

As you can see in the picture above, when you reach the ruin you are greeted by a small driveway that you are able to use (although be wary that the path is small, it’s a one in one out situation and you will need to be careful of the traffic from the road) or if you dont fancy parking in the abbey, there is a Garden Centre right next door with free parking (again, double check their opening times if you are planning on doing this)

The turreted gatehouse at the front is most impressive and perhaps is what draws you in to the abbey, this was built across the front of the great hall and renamed Place House. The building stands silently, beautiful yet picturesque.

Before the mansion, the abbey was originally built to house the premonstratensians canons for over 300 years. It was said that the monks who lived there, were able to be more involved within the community and the village. One or two of the monks were vicars in the local parish churches, and regularly spent time socialising in the village.

There are beautiful and authentic medieval tiles placed just outside the door of the refectory, so that the canons would read this before they ate. It is said that the Latin inscription means: “Before you sit down to eat your meal remember the poor.”

The abbey is impressive but you wont be here for hours. Although on the other hand, you could be if you wanted to enjoy a picnic on the field grounds but, it’s somewhere you are able to come and enjoy some forgotten history, our only downside to this is was the information lacking on site, but there is an abundance of its history online. The building is now an English Heritage site and free (which is the main thing right?)

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