Following on from Woodhenge we visited another landmark just outside Salisbury’s historical city, the ancient hill fort of Old Sarum. It is roughly around two miles from the famous Salisbury Cathedral and lies on one of the oldest leylines, connected to both Salisbury and Stonehenge, which are both important and sacred places within Wiltshire.

Although there isn’t much evidence to support the age and the beginnings of Old Sarum, it is suggested through archaeological remains that people would have occupied the site around the Neolithic Era, approx. 3000 BC.

The fort, built around 400 BC on the same site has seen many centuries of change of its composition through rulers from early Saxons, Vikings and successive Kings of England.

You enter from its associated car park and are greeted by a large bridge crossing the moat which leads you into the heart of the castle ruins.

The English Heritage run a one way system at the moment during the COVID period but let’s you start your walk up the side of left-most wall section which follows around to the inside sections of the fort.

The inside sections themselves are pretty ruined with not much architecture remaining bar the outside walls and royal residence outline on the upper levels. Old Sarum itself contained what could be thought of a small town within its walls, containing the castle and royal residence, with medieval built housing surrounding the outlining moat. The outer lying area also contained a cathedral, destroyed by a lightning storm, which was later rebuilt.

Overall, it was worth coming to Old Sarum to understand the history through the ages. It contained alot of information given by the plaques made by the English Heritage and a massive amount of free space to wonder, investigate or take a lunch, if desired!

The car park is free to English Heritage members, but not overly priced for normal visitors, the gift shop also contains alot of memorabilia and is worth a look.

Thanks for reading this post, we hope you enjoyed and inspired you in some way to go visit Old Sarum whilst around Salisbury/Wiltshire. See you on the next one!