Location : Abbey Hill, Netley, Hampshire, SO31 5FB

Our afternoon was spent wandering around the stunning and iconic Netley Abbey, located in Netley, next to Southampton, Hampshire. There is an abundance of beauty and history connected with Netley Abbey, which makes for such an interesting visit, and one you would hate to miss out on!

The abbey is open all throughout the year and as it is an English heritage site, it is well maintained and free, we recommend to always worth having a look on the EH website to clarify the opening times. We went mid-morning, and for the majority of our visit we were infact the only people there, but soon joined by family’s with their picnics – and when the weather is good, it’s an ideal hotspot for people wanting to relax outdoors or perfect for an explore.

Netley Abbey is well sign posted throughout Netley, giving you clear indication where the abbey is and houses a free car park, the spaces do get taken up quickly as it is quite small, but you would have no problems parking around the surrounding area also.

The building itself is a ruined gothic medieval monastery, it was founded in 1239 and used primarily for housing monks from the cistercian order. With over 800 years of change the abbey was modified from a monastery into a medieval house and now a romantic ruin.

During the romantic era, the ruin became a inspiration for painters, artists, writers and couples from its overgrown site making it the perfect hideaway and relaxing spot. The romantic movement didn’t last for too long, before it was shed of its foliage and overgrown trees and had a similar likeness to how it looked back when the monks lived in the abbey in 1536.

What I personally loved about Netley Abbey was the vast history filled within the ruins. It has a certain charm to it, and walking around you can fill your time with really understanding how beautiful the medieval architecture was back in those days and how interesting and preserved the buildings still are.

Looking forward to exploring a few more different places in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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