Set in the outskirts of Northington, Hampshire lies a striking comparison of Greek revival architecture in England. The building was first built in the 1660’s as a palladian brick mansion but later in the 19th century it was transformed into a monumental neoclassical mansion all inspired and resembling the Greek culture and in particular a likeness of a Greek temple.

Unfortunately the building was in bad disrepair and was left neglected until the around 1975 where it was saved from demolition and now stands proud in the beautiful country side and is now an English Heritage site as well as providing the public with a venue for the annual festival of opera.

The house was built by William Samwell between the years of 1664 and 1673, it was later commissioned by Sir Robert Henley. Around 100 years later a banker, Henry Drummond brought the estate and the surroundings and added in the lake and the landscaped park. Drummond brought in an architect, William Wilkins who set about to change the exterior of the property and brought in the resemblance of Greek temples.

If you look at the side of the mansion you can see six columns that are prominent as a feature to the house, but this was intentional that they all face towards the lake, Wilkins then moulded the brick with stucco giving the impression that the stones had been brought in to make this structure.

To get to the building it is quite tricky, the mansion is infact in the middle of a huge landscaped park and you will need to follow on tough terrain to get to this property, the building is sign posted vaguely but you get a good idea of the route because you can see the building from afar.

We very much enjoyed the visit to the grange, we were the only people there and managed to walk around the mansion and the park leisurely and with no problems, it’s a shame you aren’t allowed inside the property but it is a stunning scale of Greek architecture and it is completely different to the ruins and the medieval castles we are used to seeing.

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