Lugershall Castle and Cross is a 11th Century fortified landmark built to be complemented to the surrounding area of Lugershall’s medieval city defences. This building was believed to be built or oversee’d by the Sheriff of Wiltshire; Edward of Salisbury, though their is not much historical data to who actually did.

The building itself was primarily for defence until the 12th Century when King John of England decreed it be used as a royal hunting lodge. Before being used as this though, it was believed that the construction included a royal living quarters and a great hall which can clearly be invisidged when you walk around.

Sadly all that remains is the remnants of a tower and the outlines of the adjoining buildings, to which the building itself is metal barriered to prevent access to it’s small inner square tower.

You will question yourself when trying to find the castle as it is about a 10 minute walk from the very few car park spaces outside the grounds, near the main road. If you carry on around the path, clearly used for walking purposes you arrive at what seems to be a moat style hill which bends around a corner and brings the ruins into sight. It turns out that this hill was actually quarried then replanted to preserve some nature around the area.

Overall, if you want to learn the history, their isn’t much information apart from the entrance by the carpark has a small plaque with basic information and we recommend if you wish to learn more to lookup information online.

The grounds itself are maintained and kept, as it is a English Heritage site, and is a nice place if you wish to bring family for picnics or a casual walk around the area, with other trekking and walking paths provided nearby.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick insight and will add it to your visit list for the future. Thanks for reading!